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This past few years have been a tremendous time of sharing for Arietta Cattery! Though we are a very small cattery and have rarely placed breeder/show Egyptian Maus in the past, I decided that it was time  to share my years of breeding experiences and know how with some of the younger breeders in the cat fancy world.

After interviewing, observing, and much training, I chose several young breeders to work with. They included David Nudleman;  from New York, Polina Pushkino of Moscow, Russia.  All  are ardent lovers of the Egyptian Maus and only wish to work towards the same high quality goals that Arietta is known for such as health, temperament, and the structural quality of breed.

Of course, Arietta Cattery continues to work with Constance Carroll from Longmont, Colorado in the quest of perfection with the development of the Black Smoke Egyptian Mau.

We have also chosen a bright young lady from Texas, Sharon Adams, who has expressed a desire to show one of our altered Maus in TICA and she is also dedicated to the same ideals our program has been working towards.

These pages will be dedicated to updating their wonderful achievements with the Egyptian Mau. 

In Show year 2010 -2011the following was achieved




In show year, 2009-2010, the following was achieved:

David Nudleman, of Brightstone Cattery, achieved with RW, SGC Arietta Amun Re of Brightstone, the Best Egyptian Mau in TICA NE Region, the 6th Best Cat in the TICA NE Region, the 7th Best SH cat in the TICA NE Region, the 2nd Best Egyptian Mau Internationally, and the Best Black Smoke EM Internationally! Arietta Seera Kadeja of Brightstone, a black silver spotted female, was the best EM kitten in the NE region for 2009-2010.

Trixi from Buteurs Cattery in Austria, achieved in TICA the Best Egyptian Mau Kitten in Southern Europe, Best Black Smoke Egyptian Mau Kitten internationally and 2nd Best Egyptian Mau Kitten internationally in addition to a Regional win with Arietta Horus of Buteurs (Simba), Best Egyptian Mau in Southern Europe, SH Cat win for Southern Europe and a Regional Win for RW QGC Arietta Mafed of Buteurs (Muffin).

Polina, Egyptsilia Cattery, just received her first pair show/breeder kittens. They are Arietta Setesh of Egyptsilia and Arietta Bastet of Egyptsilia and she is looking forward to showing them in Russia, as well as in Northern and Southern Europe. Arietta Setesh of Egyptsilia was shown one time in the United States prior to his departure and received Best AB Kitten in a field of 49 kittens from Francis Yow, TICA AB Judge, at the Mid Atlantic Regional TICA Show.

       ******Constance Carroll, Consuelo Cattery, is the proud breeder of three litters sired by Arietta Tali Essence of Consuelo and they are absolutely stunning.  I had the pleasure of seeing the first litter in person when visiting Colorado recently and the quality of that litter reflected the highest standards we have both been working towards.*******

        Arietta Cattery feels very fortunate to be working with such special people and look forward to sharing the new season and many to come together.