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Arietta Cattery is a very small Egyptian Mau and Singapura cattery that is dedicated to achieving excellence in both quality, health and temperament with their Egyptian Mau and Singapura kittens and cats.  The name Arietta means small aria or a "small" song whereas an aria is a long fully developed song. We like to think of our cats in just those terms: little ariettas that develop into fully developed arias of sweeping wonderful music.

Located in New Jersey, our kittens and cats are raised in our home with grandchildren, a dog, a bird and, of course, music. We currently raise two breeds : Egyptian Maus and Singapuras and have been fortunate to have achieved Champion and Grand Champion status in CFA as well as our Singapura has achieved a Distinguished Merit award (DM). We have attained Supreme Grand Champion status for both breeds, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award for one of our Egyptian Maus in TICA.  In addition, we have had the Best Egyptian Maus in both kitten and cat class internationally in TICA, as well as Regional Wins for both our Egyptian Maus and Singapuras in TICA and CFA. However, one of the most exciting awards was when not only one of our Maus but also one of our Singapuras were chosen in the same year for Best of Breed in Madison Square Garden for the CFA Show.




Agility is also a special event we like to participate in as it gives our cats a challenge and they thoroughly enjoying learning the different level of skills and running the course.  Not only have our Egyptian Maus, but also our Singapuras and a former Abby we raised achieved awards in this sport.  Sometimes when they are at a show and participate in this event they have so much fun they never want to leave the agility course. 




Due to our small size we have only one to two litters a year and have never had a web site or an advertisement until now as our cats have been placed by word of mouth from friends, owners of our precious babies and our veterinarians.  We believe in vetting and have been involved in research to address health concerns not only in our breeds but other breeds so that through our conjoined efforts with other breeders and veterinarians we can improve the health quality of all creatures.  In conjunction with this, I currently serve on the Egyptian Mau Breed Committee of TICA to help maintain the high standards already set forth for the Egyptian Mau.


Our website is always being updated so check back often or contact us at :  We hope you will come back and visit us again as we plan on including additional information on both the Egyptian Mau and Singapura, as well as pictures of some of our precious babies for you to view.  

Our Egyptian Maus and Singapuras can be found in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Manhattan, New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, Virginia, California, Washington, Ohio, Maryland, Colorado, Texas,  and in many other homes in the United States as well as in Russia, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Austria and Germany




                                THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION  AND

                                             CAT FANCIERS ASSOCIATION







Evelyn's Poem

“A life well-lived doesn’t end

     Any more than music ends…

 It echoes through time

     With whispers of beauty and grace…”



      Please contact Evelyn or call 609-314-0252 for details.


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