CIRCA 2009-2010 SHOW SEASON







                          ARIETTA MAHABBAH AMTAL


Amtal is a black silver spotted 4 1/2 month old male Egyptian Mau and he won 6 winner rosettes out of 64 kittens, including a 2nd best and BEST AB KITTEN,  while competing at his first show!




Supreme Grand Champion Arietta Tai Miuwette pictured winning her Best Cat from TICA AB

                                                            Judge Kim Tomlin in Raleigh, NC February 21, 2010.                   


                                            Arietta Nashita Labua



                                RW SGC Coraldancer Ciociosan of Arietta

                 Supremed in her first show of the season by TICA AB Judge Vicki Jo Harrison

     Ciocioson Supremed at two years old and at her only show of season and in her first ring!





Midnight Sunshine of Arietta is our house hold pet show kitten and has won multiple HHP kitten finals.


                           Arietta Cattery Show Case