This page is dedicated for all the Arietta Egyptian Maus and Singapuras show cats around the world.





                Arietta Mafed of Buteurs

                              Owner: Beatrix & Livia Schuetz, Austria

                                   TICA Show in Germany, Dec, 2009

                  Below you will see pictures of Mafed from the show.


Judge Alexey Shchukin,                                                          Judge Tomoko Vlach,

Provisional All Breed Judge, Netherlands                     Approved All Breed Judge, Austria

         Arietta Horus of Buteurs

Owners: Beatrix and Livia Schuetz, Buteurs Cattery

Country: Austria   Pictured below with Livia (7 years old)


Mafed won several finals at this show and we are very proud of Mafed's wins.


Pictured with Arietta Mafed of Buteurs is:                                 Judge Kurt Vlach,                             

Approved All Breed Judge, Francine Hicks,                    Approved All Breed Judge, Austria                 

Maine USA   


TICA show January 2010 Vienna Austria


Judge Michael Hammond Provisional AB  USA    Judge Genevieve Basquine Approved AB France

 With Arietta Horus of Buteurs, 4 months old          With Arietta Mafed of Buteurs, 7 months old



Judge Irene van Belzan Approved SP Netherlands and Trixie Schuetz with Arietta Horus of Buteurs with Arietta Horus of Buteurs at his first show.


Cats and Tulips in the Netherlands February 27 & 28, 2010

Judge Adriana Kajon TICA Approved All Breed Judge with Livia and Arietta Horus of Buteurs

                     AKA Simba received Two Second Place All Breed Finals Above


TICA Approved AB Judge Vickie Fisher and TICA AB Judge Vickie Shields with Livia and Simba

                                                                     Two Best AB Kitten Finals Above


Arietta Mafed of Buteurs a Black Silver Spotted EM with Vickie Shields and   (Simba Adriana Kajon)

Katharina Krenn (LH/SH TICA Judge Trainee during training with Adriana Kajon)

AKA Muffin won Two 3rd AB Best Cat from Adriana