This is Arietta Amun Re of Brightstone. He is a 4 month old Black Smoke Egyptian Mau.


This is Arietta Amun Re of Brightstone. Amun Re lives with my friend Dave Nudleman on Long Island in New York. Amun Re is a Black Smoke Egyptian Mau. He is the merging of the original Mau look to my newly developed Mau look. Recently, Amun Re was awarded 10 finals out of 12 rings. We look forward to watching him mature into a exquisite show cat.

Below you will see Amun Re at 9 months old left and as a 1 year old right. He is maturing into a striking Black Smoke EM and has achieved Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion status in TICA and a Champion status in CFA!


2009 -2010 show season:Best Egyptian Mau in TICA NE Region, the 6th Best Cat in the TICA NE Region, the 7th Best SH cat in the TICA NE Region, the 2nd Best Egyptian Mau Internationally, and the Best Black Smoke EM Internationally!



                                                    This is Arietta Seera Kadeja of Brightstone.

                                                        She is a Black Silver Spotted EM Female.

                                        TICA 2009-2010 Best Egyptian Mau Kitten In the NE Region